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Owner Tutorial

Welcome to the Owners Tutorial

We have created this tutorial to assist you with use of this new website. In this tutorial, you will learn how to register as an Owner as well as how to list your property for rent.  Should you have any questions please open a support ticket and it will be answered in the order it was received.


Start by clicking the top right “SIGN IN” button. Once you have done this the window to the left will open up and you will be able to register. Should you already have an account then choose “Log In”. If not then choose “Register”

Once you have selected “Register” you will need to make sure you have selected “Owner” for the registration information. This creates your profile as an owner. Next you will fill in all the provided information.

PLEASE NOTE: there are required fields you will not be able to advance unless you have these fields completed. 

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Once you have completed your registration process, you will be redirected here. Now that you have your own account you can list your property for rent. You have a few options to get to this window. You can choose to explore your new account or you may simply click on the top right “Add Listing” once you click on this you will be brought to the listing form.  

For now we will ask you to click on the “Store Dashboard”

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From the “Store Dashboard” this is what your admin panel will look like. There are many sections here. In this area we will be focusing on just a few sections to get you up and running. 

Note that your PayPal information is missing. You will need to enter this information in order to get paid for your listing, minus the 2.9% commission requirement. 

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When you click on your “Wallet” you can enter your PayPal information here. At this point in time we are not offering Bank Transfers ONLY PayPal. Enter your PayPal email address and click save. If you do not have a PayPal account kindly create this first then come back and enter your PayPal account email address and click save.

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Adding listings, as mentioned there are a few ways to get here but the simplest is from your “Store Dashboard” .  Now that you are here you can begin setting up your listing, this area is pretty self explaining however we will walk through this step by step.  Our examples have some information in it to help you with your task.

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Adding listings, as mentioned there are a few ways to get here but the simplest is from your “Store Dashboard” .  Now that you are here you can begin setting up your listing, this area is pretty self explaining however we will walk through this step by step.  Our examples have some information in it to help you with your task.  

Basic Information

Here you will enter the title of your listing please include the address here as well.  Your “Categories” is limited to Cottage, this will work with your rental property. Please select “Cottage”. Next is the Keywords Section, here you can add descriptive keywords to help your property show up in searches. Be specific but please also limit these keywords to no more than 15.  Words like waterfront, beachfront, private lot, quiet area, fire pit etc. can be used. separate the keywords with a comma “,”.

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Here you will be entering your rental location and particulars to the address. If you happen to already have a Google Maps Place ID you can enter it here. If not you can use google maps to get your address, look in the address bar in your browsers URL bar you will see your longitude and latitude numbers there. 


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This area is where you will want to upload your photos of your property for rent. You are limited to the size of the photos in MB as well as the total images. This area is a drag and drop section. You can drag your photos from your computer to this area, or you can click on the “+” button to find them on your computer. 

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Here you can enter your rental Details. these will be shown on your listing. Here you can write your text outlining whats important about your property. If you have any Youtube or Vimeo videos you can also add the URL links in the appropriate locations.   Your email should be the email used to communicate with the renters and information on the property.  You should also set your Min. price range and Max. price range. This will show up on the listing above your listing thumbnail letting people know the low and high rates of your property. If you only have one rental rate then just put that in.  Should you wish to turn off the contact widget you can do so here. Don’t worry you can always turn it back on if you wish.

Continuing on down the page will bring you to additional options for your cottage. This allows you to specify key information that Renters are looking for. Please be sure to include as many as you are able to. Should you have something unique you can certainly add this to the Details Section at the top of this section.

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Pricing & Bookable Services

In this section you can specify specific charges. You can make the charges a one time charge, a per person charge, per day charge or per person per day charges. For example of your facility charges a fee for people aged 6 and up a 10.00 fee you could set that up as seen in the example. 

Please Note: This is not an automatic charge renters will have to select this in order to have it applied. This can also be used for rental services like golf carts, pet fees etc.

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In order to setup your booking you will need to toggle this section to the on position (blue) this will allow you to setup your property rates. 

Booking prices and settings

Once you have the “Booking” section turned on you can now access this area.

Here you set your prices as seen in the example. If you have services that you wish to include such as mandatory fees then you should include this amount in the appropriate field.

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If you have already put in your prices in the previous screen then you will see they have automatically populated here. You can override the price for any day in particular by clicking on the “Set price” grey button on the day you wish to change i.e. Canada Day, Long Weekends etc.  Likewise if you wish to not have a day available for rent you can click on the green area and it turns red. If the day is RED it is considered not available. Having said this if you do want this day to be available for check-in then you need to leave it green. On days that there is a booking and the check-in is available you will see a half covered day in the date field on the front end of the website to users. This is great to use for the times that you wish to use your own property and not rent it out. 

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Preview / Save Changes

In order to make your changes viewable you will need to click on the “Preview” button. This will send to your browser so you can review your changes, if you are satisfied scroll to the bottom and “Save Changes” if you are not satisfied with your changes then you may click “Edit Listing” and continue changing or adding in more information.

PLEASE NOTE: Your new listing will need to be approved first, once it is approved you will be able to edit as needed.

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Coupons and Discounts

Extended Stay Discounts and Coupons

If you would like to offer discounts to renters who stay longer you can create a coupon for them to use.

You can create your own “Coupon Code” and “Coupon Description” next you will decide if it is a “Percentage discount” or “Fixed product discount” then the appropriate amount. You then set the expiry date if needed.
Example: Let’s say you wish to offer a savings of $200 off a rental stays longer than 7 days. To accomplish this you should calculate what the minimum spend would be for this length of stay ie. the total cost of 7 days then use this number for the “Minimum spend” area. No need for a maximum spend. Next you would select your product or listing from the “For products”  this is important for owners who have more than one property. You can set individual other information here as well if needed. Perhaps you have return renters and you wish to offer them specifically a loyalty coupon. You have the option to specifically create a coupon for them only. You can also set the coupon to be used once or multiple times.

Save the coupon and then send the coupon code to whom you wish to have uses it. If you want to offer the discount to everyone you can certainly put the coupon in your property description and allow for anyone to use it. The qualifying minimum spend would need to be reached in order for the coupon to work. 

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Private Messages and Bookings


If you receive private chat messages from your listing they will show up here. This is a private chat between you and the individual asking the questions from the front end of the website. 

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When you click on the “Bookings” tab on the left in the black area you will see your Pending Bookings, Approved Bookings, Cancelled Bookings and Expired Bookings. Here you can manage the booking requests. Since each booking is not confirmed until you agree and approve the request, there will be no payment until you have sent the approval back to the renter. They will receive notification that the request has been approved and the system will in tern send them an email to login and pay for their rental. Once they have paid you will no longer see the Unpaid Red Button and the rental is confirmed booked. You are able to send messages back and forth from this area as well by clicking on the Send Message grey button at the bottom of each Booking Request. 

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