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Owner FAQs



Owner FAQs

We understand renting your property is a big decision and you may have questions about the process. Here are some common questions. If you find that your question isn't answered here, get in touch with us. We are happy to help.

Owners interested in listing their properties on the OwnertoRenter Portal may create a Owner profile and add a listing.  If you require technical support you may contact them once you have created your Owner Account via the contact link at the bottom of the page in the footer.

If you are having technical difficulties as an Owner with the booking portal, you can contact the website development team directly by opening a support ticket on the support page. You can find the support page here.  GET SUPPORT

No.  Rental bookings do not take place on the website. No Renter financial information is entered on our website.

All bookings occur online with the Owner.   All funds are automatically deposited into the Owners bank account via their PayPal site that is set up and controlled by Owner.   This includes rent, service charges and damage deposits.

No.  The website is a cottage listing service.  The website does not handle Renter monies or rental advice.  The booking takes place off site.  The Renter is transferred from our website at time of booking to the Owner’s PayPal account to complete the purchase.   

Owners will be charged 2.9% + GST of base rental rate.  The payment is paid by the Owner via PayPal.  

Yes.  Owners can copy and paste the link to their unit and post it where ever they see fit.  The advantage of all bookings going through the Owner to Renter Calendar is the elimination of double bookings.

Yes.  As long as there is no existing booking for those dates Owners have 100% control to remove availability without any penalty or having to advise the website.  Owners have complete control of their listings.

Yes.  However, it is disappointing to a renter to have a rental canceled and can cause hardship to a renter.  It is suggested that an Owner only cancel a booking under extenuating circumstances and contact the renter directly.

Renters with complaints about a rental experience are encouraged to contact the Owner of the rental property in question to resolve any issues.  Owner to Renter Cottages website does not get involved in owner/renter disputes.

No.  It is the Renter’s responsibility to pick the cottage that best suits their needs. Many owners will accept emails from prospective Renters re questions about their property to help with their decision.

How does Owner to Renter Cottages communicate with renters?

The website does not assist renters.  Renters are encouraged to deal directly with an Owner.  Technical Concerns re: the website can be sent to  To be clear, emails from Renters to the website will not receive a response.  

We do not. We are an online rental booking portal only for Cottage Owners across Canada to list and book their properties.
We do recommend Castle Ridge Group for Sherkston Shores and Niagara Region Cottages.    If you are looking for property management services in Niagara Region, contact  Castle Ridge directly  for information on the Renter Assistance Packages for Owners – Owners can use any property manager they see fit to manage the day to day management of the property or they can handle all the functions of the rental themselves.

We are not a property management company.   The website assists Owners and Renters to come together and provides autogenerated rental terms and online booking calendar.   Owner handles all the rental monies.
Unlike Property Managers, Owners do not have to wait for a rental to occur to get paid.  Owners receive their funds directly from the Renter and are paid in advance of check in day.Only Owners control the damage deposit and have sole responsibility to return it as per their contract terms.

No we do not have any ownership in Castle Ridge Group. We contracted them in 2021 for Sherkston cottage cleanings and concierge services as they are a property management company working for apartment and condo buildings across Ontario and had staff that could work in the Niagara Region.

For 2022, Owners who choose to use Castle Ridge Group for property management responsibilities hire and pay them directly.